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Sheep Sheep Duck

Sheep Sheep Duck stands out as a game of newness and friendship. Not just a game, but an entire experience that pulls people into a world where sheep, sheep, and ducks run into each other in a fun rush.

Sheep Sheep Duck is a simple party game for two or more people. It aims to make people laugh and compete with each other. There are a lot of battles and each is just as fun as the last. As far as battlegrounds go, players are spoiled for choice. They can choose from peaceful fields to dangerous terrain.

How to Play

  • Tap directly on the screen to control characters.
  • Herd sheep, beat opponents, and dodge obstacles with simple controls.
  • Defeat enemies, earn weapons, and unlock new maps.
  • Show skill with each triumph.
  • Ensure every victory is rewarded with a fresh set of obstacles to overcome.


Touch the screen or drag the mouse/WASD to guide characters.
Execute precise movements and beat opponents.
Avoid being hindered by complicated mechanics.


What makes Sheep Sheep Duck unique?
Sheep Sheep Duck stands out because of its plot and fun, interactive gaming. Strategy and skill are both used in the game, which turns normal fights into epic showdowns.

Can I play Sheep Sheep Duck solo?
Sheep Sheep Duck is best played with other people, but you can still enjoy the game's many tasks by yourself. Solo play is fun for people who want to test their skills by themselves.

Sheep Sheep Duck celebrates creativity and teamwork. Players worldwide are joining the fun with Sheep Sheep Duck. 

Let's practice and save the flock in Sheep Sheep Duck!

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