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Duck Life: Treasure Hunt 3

Duck Life: Treasure Hunt 3 is a new game in the popular Duck Life series. In the game, players guide their duckling through fascinating trials to find hidden treasures. This game builds on earlier editions by adding new tasks that test your agility, strategy, and ability. The game's vivid graphics, interesting gameplay, and compelling tales captivate gamers of all ages.

How to Play

  • Click or press Space to make the duck fly high.
  • Control well to avoid different environments filled with obstacles, enemies to progress.
  • Collect coins and treasures for upgrades, new gear, and power-ups.
  • Battle enemies and formidable bosses using strategic thinking and quick reflexes.


Space Bar/Mouse Click: Fly.


Q: What are the new challenges in Duck Life: Treasure Hunt 3 compared to previous versions?

A: This version adds underwater caves, lava-filled caverns, and magical forests. Each setting features varied challenges like changing platforms, concealed traps, and new enemies that demand different techniques.

Q: How do I improve my duck's abilities?

A: Play mini-games to teach your duck running, swimming, and flying. Completing these mini-games boosts your duck's stats, making difficult levels easier.


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