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Duck Life 9: The Flock

Gear up for the grandest chapter yet in the Duck Life saga with Duck Life 9: The Flock! Join forces with a team of duckling racers as you journey through the expansive Featherhaven Island, brimming with challenges.

How to Play

Train: From the moment your ducklings hatch, it's time to hit the training grounds! Engage in rigorous training exercises, explore hidden secrets and unlock new training methods.

Recruit: Expand your flock by recruiting ducks from different backgrounds, each bringing their unique skills and strengths to the team.

Race: Test your skills on the racetrack as you compete against rivals from all corners of Featherhaven Island. With nine distinct areas to conquer, each offering its own challenges and rewards, the path to victory is paved with thrilling races.


Q: Can I customize my ducklings in Duck Life 9?
A: Absolutely! Duck Life 9 offers extensive customization options, allowing players to personalize their ducklings' appearances from the moment they hatch. From feathers to accessories, make your flock stand out as you journey across Featherhaven Island.

Q: Are there multiplayer features in Duck Life 9?
A: While Duck Life 9 primarily focuses on single-player gameplay, there are opportunities for cooperative play and friendly competition. Team up with friends to tackle challenges together.

Q: How many different areas are there to explore in Featherhaven Island?
A: Featherhaven Island features nine diverse areas, each with its own unique challenges and environments to discover, from lush forests to rocky mountainsides.

Get ready to train, recruit, and race your way to glory in this epic adventure!

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