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Duck Life 6

Duck Life 6: Space brings players the race to become the duckling champions of Earth. Your tranquility is shattered when an ominous wormhole appears, plunging you into an epic adventure across the cosmos. Prepare to traverse alien worlds, master new skills, and reclaim your rightful trophy from the clutches of an extraterrestrial adversary.

In the Duck Life: Space game, your hard-earned championship trophy is stolen by a malevolent alien duck. Your task is to train, race, and explore your way through six distinct planets  and win it back.

How to Play

Train: Train your duckling's flying, running, swimming, jumping, and now intelligence abilities to overcome the awaiting diverse obstacles.

Conquer quests: Complete races and mini-games to inch closer to reclaiming your stolen championship. With each victory, you unlock access to new planets and face off against formidable opponents.

Customize: Expand your team of avian athletes by purchasing additional ducks from the shop. Equip them with a variety of hats, hairstyles, and clothing options.


Q: Can I play Duck Life 6: Space on mobile devices?

A: Yes! Duck Life: Space is available for mobile devices, allowing you to race through the stars anytime, anywhere.

Q: How long does it take to complete Duck Life 6: Space?

A: The length of the game can vary depending on your play style and skill level. With six planets to explore and a multitude of challenges to conquer, you can expect hours of entertainment.

Q: Is Duck Life 6: Space the last part of the Duck Life series?

A: No, Duck Life 6: Space is not the final installment in the Duck Life series. We make all game installments available on the website. 

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