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Duck Life Unblocked

Duck Life Unblocked is an online adventure game where players undertake the task of training a duck to master in three disciplines: running, flying, and swimming. The objective revolves around preparing the duck adequately to participate in races, thereby earning prize money to reconstruct a farm devastated by a tornado. With the added benefit of being unblocked, players can completely enjoy this journey.

How to Play:

Running: Click to prompt the duck to jump over obstacles encountered along the track.

Flying: Control the duck's altitude by clicking and dragging, maneuvering it up or down to navigate through airborne challenges.

Swimming: Use the up arrow key to execute jumps and the down arrow key to initiate dives, enabling the duck to navigate water obstacles efficiently.


Players must dedicate time to training each discipline individually to enhance their duck's abilities progressively.

Prize money earned from training sessions or competitive races can be reinvested to upgrade your duck and farm.

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