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Duck Life 3

Duck Life 3 which is the next part in the Duck Life series brings a journey of training, competition, and ultimate duck domination. Players join a quest to transform their ordinary duckling into a powerhouse of athleticism and skill. The game unfolds in a vibrant world filled with lush landscapes and challenging courses. 

As your duckling progresses through various stages of training, it will need to master three key disciplines: running, flying, and swimming. Each activity pushes your duckling to its limits and beyond.

How to Play Duck Life 3:


Control your duckling through obstacle-laden tracks while collecting coins along the way. 

Use the up arrow to jump over hurdles and avoid getting run over by oncoming obstacles. 


Guide their duckling through the skies, dodging obstacles and gathering coins. 

Use the left and right arrows to move your duckling through narrow passages and treacherous terrain.


Help your duckling tackle challenging swimming courses. 

Use the up arrow to jump out of the water, the down arrow to dive beneath the surface. 


How do I earn coins in Duck Life 3?

Coins can be earned by completing races and challenges in each discipline (running, flying, swimming). Additionally, you can find coins throughout the game world.

What are SuperSeeds and how do they work?

SuperSeeds are special power-ups that can be purchased with coins. These seeds provide temporary boosts to your duckling's abilities, such as increased speed or enhanced agility. 

Can I customize my duckling in Duck Life 3?

Yes! Duck Life 3 offers a wide range of customization options. You can personalize your duckling's appearance with different colors, patterns, and accessories. 


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