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FNF x Piggy

The FNF x Piggy mod combines Friday Night Funkin' (FNF)'s rhythmic gameplay with MiniToon's survival horror game Piggy. This hack makes FNF's graphics and characters Piggy-like. You must solve riddles and escape a monster pig in Piggy. FNF x Piggy continues FNF's rhythm-based mechanics in a horror-themed setting. Piggy FNF characters replace familiar ones, and the backdrops, menus, and interface are altered for a frightening mood. These adjustments don't affect FNF's fundamental gameplay.

How to Play

  • Launch the game to notice visual changes and the Piggy-themed menu.
  • Select a week or free play, choosing from a series of songs that increase in difficulty.
  • Follow the rhythm by matching on-screen arrows with the corresponding keys at the right time.
  • Watch your health bar, ensuring it stays filled by successfully hitting notes and avoiding misses.


Use mouse to control.


Q. Do I need to own Piggy to play this mod?
A. No, you only need a copy of Friday Night Funkin. The mod itself provides the Piggy-themed graphics and does not require the original Piggy game.

Q. Can I play FNF x Piggy on any platform?
A. FNF x Piggy is typically available for PC, but with some tweaks, it might be possible to play on other platforms that support Friday Night Funkin.


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