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Crossy Chicken

Crossy Chicken is an addictive arcade game that is inspired by the classic concept of crossing the road. In the game, players control a chicken through various obstacles. You have to face traffic, logs, and trains, all while collecting coins and unlocking new characters for added excitement.

How to Play Crossy Chicken

Use the arrow keys to move the chicken sideways or forward, avoiding obstacles and oncoming traffic.

Stay vigilant and dodge cars, trains, and other objects to prevent getting squashed.

Gather coins scattered throughout the game to earn points and unlock additional characters.

Don't linger in one spot for too long, as standing still increases the risk of becoming a chicken nugget.

On mobile devices, tap or swipe the screen to maneuver the chicken safely across the road.

Develop precise timing skills to cross busy roads and navigate through challenging terrains effectively.

Test your reflexes and endurance as you strive to achieve higher scores and unlock all the available characters.

Crossy Chicken offers relaxing moments as you guide your feathered friend through a perilous journey across the road.

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