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3 Pandas 2: Night

3 Pandas 2: Night is an adventure game where players start a journey at night with the three cute pandas. It continues from the incredibly famous series "3 Pandas". This game keeps the charm of the last one while adding new tasks and surprises. Players' task is to help three cute pandas get home safely by guiding them through a number of puzzles and obstacles.

How to Play

  • Guide the trio of pandas through the island.
  • Assist the pandas in enduring the night using their unique abilities.
  • Conquer obstacles by pushing buttons, climbing ladders, and activating mechanisms.
  • Manage the pandas' movements with your mouse.
  • Click anywhere on the screen to direct the pandas.
  • Click above the pandas to initiate a jump.
  • Use the slim panda to hang the others down.
  • Propel the small panda into unreachable areas.
  • Elevate the other pandas using the wide panda's strength.
  • Ensure all pandas assist each other to achieve success.


Mouse = interaction


Q: Do I need to play the first "3 Pandas" game to understand the sequel?
A: You can play the first game to understand some context. However, 3 Pandas 2: Night features a standalone storyline that can be enjoyed independently.

Q: Can I play "3 Pandas 2: Night" on mobile devices?
A: Currently, "3 Pandas 2: Night" is primarily available for play on desktop or laptop computers through web browsers.

Join the three pandas on their moonlit escapade and unlock the secrets of the night.

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