Share is an animal game with the racing inspiration of In this fun game, you have to use boosters and clever moves to beat your opponents to the bath.

Ducks in run to be the first to get into the bath. is different from other racing games because it has easy-to-use tools and fun features. Everyone of any age can enjoy the game's bright music and happy atmosphere.

How to Play

  • Click on ‘Solo’ to automatically join the next available game.
  • Focus on strafing left and right to catch speed boosts and knock competitors off the track.
  • Fly off the edge of the track to gain a significant advantage if executed correctly.
  • Use boosters scattered around the track to propel yourself and leap ahead of rivals.
  • Avoid falling to the ground to prevent the game from ending.
  • Earn gold rewards by winning races.
  • Purchase new outfits and accessories for your duck with gold rewards to personalize your gameplay.


A or Left Arrow Key: Steer to the left
D or Right Arrow Key: Steer to the right


Can I save my progress in
Yes, you can race on any device without losing accomplishments or improvements.

How can I win in demands skilled flying off the circuit and rejoining later in the race to win. If you can land back on track, this risky action can provide you an advantage over your opponents.

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