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Ducklings.io is a multiplayer adventure game for players of all ages. Gather your friends and work together to create the biggest and most extravagant duck empire imaginable. With the support and a plethora of crazy hats and rewards to unlock, Ducklings.io promises endless hours of fun for players around the globe.

In the game, players take on the role of ducks tasked with gathering as many ducklings as possible to expand their empire. The game has no limit to the number of players you can invite.

How to Play

  • Invite your friends to join you in the duckling-collecting fun by sharing a unique room code.
  • Work together to explore the game world, gather ducklings, and build your empire.
  • Watch out for enemies that pose a threat to your ducklings.
  • Learn opponents' patterns and avoid collisions to protect your precious cargo.
  • Work together and returning stolen ducklings to their rightful owners, thus, players can maintain a positive karma score and avoid becoming targets for theft themselves.


Q: Can I play Ducklings.io with friends on different platforms?
A: Yes! Ducklings.io supports crossplay between web and mobile platforms, allowing players to join forces regardless of their device.

Q: How do I unlock new hats and rewards in Ducklings.io?
A: Collecting ducklings and returning them to your nest will earn you rewards and unlock crazy hats to customize your duck. With over 50 hats to discover, including unique options like a jellyfish hat and a golden crown.

Q: What happens if my duckling chain is stolen in Ducklings.io?
A: If your duckling chain is stolen by other players, you may lose some progress. To avoid this, make sure to work together with your friends to protect your ducklings and fend off potential thieves.

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