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Duck Life: Treasure Hunt 2

Duck Life: Treasure Hunt 2 is a new version that has players guide a brave duck through ancient caves. New challenges are added to Duck Life 5: Treasure Hunt. Players avoid traps and acquire cash, gems, and artifacts in dangerous locations. Treasures increase the duck's abilities and unlock new gear. Action, strategy, and role-playing make the game thrilling. It entertains all ages.

How to Play

  • Select your duck with unique attributes and customization options.
  • Train your duck in agility, endurance, and strength through mini-games.
  • Navigate caves dodging obstacles like falling rocks, spikes, and enemies.
  • Collect coins, gems, and power-ups for temporary abilities.
  • Avoid hidden traps to maintain progress and treasures.


Spacebar/Left Click: Fly higher.
Touch Controls (for mobile devices).


Q: What types of obstacles can I expect in the caves?
A: The caves have falling rocks, spikes, and moving platforms. Each level has new reflexes and strategic thinking problems.

Q: Is there a multiplayer mode in Duck Life: Treasure Hunt 2?
A: Duck Life: Treasure Hunt 2 primarily focuses on single-player adventure. On online leaderboards, you can compete with friends for high scores and achievements.

Happy hunting!

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