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Shoot The Duck

Shoot The Duck is a duck-themed game that allows players to hunt from the safety. This shooting game released in 2020 and was made by hunters who love the sport. Players will take the role of a skilled marksman ready to take on the task of hitting flying targets. Try to become the best duck shooter and have a trip through the marshes with your loyal hunting dog.

How to Play

  • Employ your mouse or touchscreen to aim and shoot at flying targets.
  • Monitor the bottom horizontal panel to track the required number of targets.
  • Progress to the next level by hitting the specified number of targets.
  • Witness an increase in challenge as ducks fly faster and become more elusive.
  • Maintain focus and steady your aim to maximize your shooting efficiency.
  • Employ your shooting skills to dominate as the ultimate duck hunter.


Q: Is there a multiplayer mode in Shoot The Duck?
A: No, Shoot The Duck is a single-player game. Just compete against yourself to achieve the highest score possible.

Q: How do I unlock new levels in Shoot The Duck?
A: Progress through the game by successfully completing each round and hitting the required number of flying targets to unlock new levels and challenges.

Enjoy it!



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