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Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense

Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense is a fun and unique tower defense game. Players must merge cannons to protect their region from evil chickens in this game. To fight the unrelenting avian invasion, players can combine two identical cannons to create stronger weapons. This game combines defense, weapon engineering ingenuity, and strategy.

How to Play

  • Place initial cannons strategically to defend against early waves of chickens.
  • Combine two identical cannons to create a more powerful one.
  • Arrange newly created cannons around the base for maximum effectiveness.
  • Defeat chickens to earn money for purchasing and upgrading cannons.
  • Use earned money to buy and enhance cannons.
  • Upgrade and merge cannons to handle increasingly challenging waves of chickens.


PCs: Use your mouse to drag and drop cannons, merge, and position.
Mobiles: Tap and drag cannons to merge and place.


Q: How many different cannons can I create?
A: There is a wide variety of cannons you can create by merging. There is no specific number.

Q: Is there a way to speed up the game?
A: Strategic play and careful merging are the game's main rewards. However improving and situating your guns can boost your efficiency.


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