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Duckmageddon is a fun shooting game about catching ducks. Your goal is to shoot as many ducks as you can. The number of ducks required is shown in the bottom left corner of the game board. You need to keep ducks under control as they make the environment worse. Duckmageddon gets harder as you get better.

How to Play

  • Aim your gun carefully and shoot ducks one after another.
  • Keep an eye on your ammo and reload regularly by tapping on the ammo pane in the lower right.
  • Hit the required number of ducks to advance through levels.
  • Use multiple fingers to cover a greater area and hit more ducks.


Tap or click anywhere on the screen to shoot.
Tap or click on the ammo pane to reload.


What is the main objective in Duckmageddon?
The goal is to shoot ducks and drakes to move on to the next level. A certain number of ducks will be required.

Are there different types of ducks in the game?
There are male ducks (drakes) and female ducks. It's harder to win when drakes move faster.

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