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Tap & Go Deluxe

Tap & Go Deluxe is an addicting runner game where you tap to move your animal and switch lanes to avoid hazards on a dynamic road. Each run, traverse tricky turns to score higher in a limitless format, allowing ongoing growth opportunities. Unlock adorable creatures with special skills by collecting scattered money. Try different characters to find your flair. The game lets you beat records or race friends. Tap & Go Deluxe provides infinite pleasure for short gameplay or leaderboard mastery. Explore this fast-paced adventure and see how far you can tap!

How to Play

  • Tap the screen or press space to move your animal forward.
  • Switch lanes by tapping at the right time to dodge obstacles.
  • Collect coins to unlock new animals.
  • Experiment with different characters to find your style.
  • Beat your own high scores for a challenge.
  • Compete with friends to reach the farthest distance.


Click with the right mouse to control.


Q. What are the controls for Tap & Go Deluxe?
A. You can tap the screen on your mobile device or click the right mouse button to change the duck's direction.

Q. Is Tap & Go Deluxe an endless runner game?
A.Yes, Tap & Go Deluxe is an endless runner game. This means that the game continues indefinitely until your character hits an obstacle.

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