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Save The Chicken

Save The Chicken is a fun online puzzle with animal theme. The goal is to strategically remove wooden and ice blocks to get a helmeted chicken to a green surface. Players must keep the chicken on screen while trying to beat the time to get three stars in each level. Planning and precision are needed to win the physics-based game.

How to Play

  • Study the arrangement of blocks and the position of the chicken.
  • Use your mouse or touch controls to tap on the blocks you wish to remove.
  • Monitor the stability of the remaining structure as you remove blocks.
  • Plan your moves carefully, considering potential chain reactions.
  • Complete levels quickly and efficiently to earn up to three stars.


Mouse Controls: Click on the blocks to remove them.
Touch Controls: Tap on the blocks to remove them.


Q: Is Save The Chicken suitable for all ages?
A: Yes, Save The Chicken is suitable for players of all ages. The simple gameplay make it enjoyable for all players.

Q: How many levels are there in Save The Chicken?
A: Save The Chicken features numerous levels, each with increasing difficulty. The number of levels can vary by time.

Q: Is there a way to restart a level?
A: Yes, if you make a mistake, you can restart the level.

Play and see if you can save the chicken!

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