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Resquack is a casual adventure game where a brave duck mother searching for her lost ducklings in a pixelated landscape. The pond is the hub, where players guide their feathery character past obstacles to rescue her children.

Players face voracious dogs, dangerous holes, and reckless automobiles during the way. Every successful crossing increases the challenges, taxing the player's reflexes and strategy.

Resquack evokes classic video games while incorporating modern gameplay and fun character movements.

How to Play

  • Guide the duck mother across the perilous road.
  • Use directional keys or touch gestures for precise movement.
  • Employ quick reflexes to evade oncoming dangers.
  • Encounter increasingly challenging levels with unique obstacles.
  • Control busy intersections and outsmart cunning predators.
  • Test agility and problem-solving skills at every turn.
  • Explore levels to discover collectibles scattered throughout.
  • Earn bonus points or special abilities by collecting items.
  • Gain speed boosts to outrun pursuing dogs.
  • Activate protective shields to withstand collisions.


How many floors does Resquack have?
A: Resquack has a lot of carefully thought-out levels, and each one has its own set of problems and tasks. The exact number of levels may change, players can expect a satisfyingly varied experience.

Q: Can I change how my duck mother looks?
A: Resquack is mostly about how to play and create levels, but players can expect a lot of unlockable skins for their duck mother character.

Q: Does Resquack work on mobile devices?
A: Yes, Resquack can be played on both mobile devices and computers, so players can choose which one they prefer.

Resquack is a must-play for fans of retro-inspired adventures and family-friendly entertainment. Prepare for a adventure full of bravery.

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