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Help The Duck

Help The Duck is a fun, addicting physics puzzle game for all ages. The idea is simple yet charming: give a yellow duck water in its tub. Help The Duck challenges your brain with strategy, timing, and puzzle-solving in a fun, graphically pleasing game. Unique obstacles and mechanics will have you coming back as you try to keep the duck happy and hydrated in each level.

How to Play

  • Observe the puzzle layout at the beginning of each level.
  • Use your understanding of physics to plan your moves and navigate around obstacles.
  • Click to release the water, guiding it towards the duck’s tub and adjusting as needed.
  • Advance through levels by successfully filling the duck’s tub.


Use your mouse to interact.


Q: How do I manipulate the water flow in the Help The Duck game?
A: Use your mouse to click and interact with the game environment. You might need to adjust objects or create paths to guide the water towards the duck's tub.

Q: What happens if the water doesn’t reach the duck?
A: If the water doesn’t make it to the duck’s tub, you can restart the level and try again. Analyze where things went wrong and adjust your strategy accordingly.

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