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Ducky Duckie

Ducky Duckie is a cute game about helping cute ducks reach safety. To score well, execute chores and ensure the ducks' safe arrival. The game has fun graphics and an easy-to-use UI for all ages. You'll confront many problems that require fast thinking and strategy. Simple mouse controls make gameplay smooth. You want to complete assignments to get the highest score. Winning requires leading the ducks to safety.

How to Play

  • Use the mouse to control the ducks.
  • Click on tasks to complete them.
  • Guide the ducks to the safe zone by clicking and dragging.
  • Avoid obstacles and hazards.
  • Aim for the highest score by ensuring all ducks reach the safe zone safely.
  • Continuously strategize to overcome challenges and improve your performance.


Play with mouse.


Q: What type of game is Ducky Duckie?
A; Ducky Duckie falls into the casual puzzle game genre. It features the element of problem-solving as players complete tasks and guide the ducks to the safe zone.

Q: Can I play Ducky Duckie on my mobile device?
A: The game is designed to be played with a mouse, so it is best suited for desktop or laptop play. Check if the game has a mobile version or compatibility.

Enjoy the delightful journey of Ducky Duckie as you immerse yourself in the charming world of ducks and strive for the highest score!

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