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Duck Hunting Open Season

Duck Hunting: Open Season is a outdoor matching game. To collect bullets and shoot ducks, players arrange like things into three or more. Making clever matches to advance through more difficult stages is the goal. Explosives, rockets, and special hammers boost explosions and advancement. Power-ups offer strategy and excitement, making each level fun. Players of all ages can enjoy the game thanks to the intuitive mouse click or touchscreen tap controls. Bright graphics and acoustic effects make the game exciting and test players' reflexes.

How to Play

  • Combine items of the same type in groups of three or more to make them explode.
  • Collect bullets by making strategic matches.
  • Hunt ducks by using collected bullets.
  • Utilize various power-ups like explosives, rockets, and special hammers for bigger explosions.
  • Progress through challenging levels by meeting the objectives.


Click or tap to play the game.


Q. What are the different power-ups available in the game?
A. Power-ups in Duck Hunting: Open Season include rockets, explosives, and special hammers. More powerful explosions allow you to eliminate more things and advance faster in levels. Use them intelligently to beat difficult levels and improve playability.

Q. How do I collect bullets in the game?
A. Combine similar things in groups of three or more explodes them, reveal bullets. Create these matches to earn ammunition for duck hunting and leveling up.

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