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Hole is an exciting multiplayer game where you compete against other players by controlling a hole that grows as it consumes various items. Choose your hole and fight to devour fruits, planes, vehicles, and everything smaller to grow. To become the greatest hole in the arena, consume as much as possible while avoiding larger holes that can engulf you. Along with eatable things, you can acquire power-ups to beat your opponents. Each of the game's four maps, including 2048, World, Stationary, and Kitchen, offers unique challenges and surroundings.

How to Play

  • Consume smaller items to grow your hole larger and stronger.
  • Avoid larger holes to prevent being swallowed and losing the game.
  • Collect power-ups scattered around the map to gain special abilities and advantages.
  • Explore different maps including the 2048 Map, World Map, Stationary Map, and Kitchen Map.
  • Destroy smaller opponents by consuming them, but stay cautious of bigger enemies.


Move your hole using the mouse on PC or joystick on mobile devices/tablets.

Boost your speed by left-clicking on PC or using the Boost button on mobile devices/tablets.


Q. What are the different maps available in Hole
The game has 2048, World, Stationary, and Kitchen maps. Each map presents different difficulties and environments, making gaming diverse.

Q. What should I avoid while playing Hole
Avoid larger holes that can consume you. Being swallowed by a bigger hole results in losing the game. Additionally, steer clear of dangerous areas and obstacles on the map that could hinder your progress.

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