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Wired Chicken Inc

Wired Chicken Inc is a casual game that takes you to a strange world where weird chickens rule. This fun game lets players show off their inner farmer by letting them run a strange farm full of mutant chickens.

You only have one duck egg when you start growing crops. See the egg hatch into a baby, which is the first step on your way to becoming a great chicken farmer. So does the number of eggs you have as your group grows. It's possible for each egg to hatch a new, genetically different chicken. The strangest and most interesting chicken that comes from an egg that isn't very common.

How to Play

  • Control the game with simple mouse controls.
  • Hatch eggs to add new chickens to your collection.
  • Acquire chickens to increase egg production and fuel mutation and expansion.
  • Watch for mutant eggs to unlock even weirder chicken variations.
  • Show prized poultry in the museum to earn cash.
  • Employ chickens on your farm to maximize productivity.


  • Use mouse to control/ Touch on mobile


Q: How do I play Wired Chicken Inc?
A: Simply use your mouse to control the game. Hatch eggs to add new chickens to your collection and watch your farm flourish.

Q: What are mutant eggs, and how do I obtain them?
A: Mutant eggs have the potential to hatch into even weirder chicken variations. Keep expanding your flock to increase your chances of encountering them.

Q: What should I do with excess chickens?
A: If your chicken coop becomes overcrowded, consider discarding less interesting chickens in the giant hole in the ground.

Let's enter this beautiful world of mutant chickens and watch your farm get crazy.

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